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Pure and Clarifying line for Oily or Acneic Skin

 Battle oil with "oil" based products?  Absolutely!

The Pure and Clarifying line is formulated for those with oily/acneic skin. The blend of natural and essential oils is such that they nourish rather than strip the skin to help achieve healthy, balanced skin. The problem with most commercial cosmetics is that they incorporate harsh chemicals that strip the skin of all oils and moisture. While stripping temporarily feels good to those with oily skin, the downside of this is that the sebaceous glands work double time to produce the necessary moisture the skin needs. Thus, the extra oils get trapped and dry in the pores along with bacteria that is accumulated throughout the day.

The unique thing about this line is that there is a synergy of base and essential oils that target the dried bacteria and oils trapped in the pores to clean them out and provide the right amount of astringent without stripping. As incongruous as it sounds to care for an oily face with products consisting of “oil” you will truly be amazed at the results. The carrier oils used in this line are not parabens - Petroleum based - oils, so they lightly and effectively deliver the benefits that they have along with the benefits of the essential oils without standing on the skin clogging the pores.

You will have the best skin you could imagine without spending an arm and a leg or using expensive medications – now that’s Luxury, Nature’s Way.

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