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About Us

Your Essentials is committed to create the highest quality natural skin care products that deliver the most benefits. These products are crafted to promote skin health from the inside out. There are no parabens, artificial products, harsh chemicals, petroleum derivatives, or any other such ingredients that are actually harmful rather than helpful.

Your Essentials skin care products utilize the power of nature without harmful chemicals or other artificial ingredients to provide your skin's best defense against the environment and time. Essential oils are known for their therapeutic properties and have been used medicinally throughout time. The essential oils used include pure Rose, Frankincense, Myrrh, and Galbanum. These oils are rare and difficult to produce. It's luxury in a bottle and their power is available to give your skin a radiant and youthful glow.

In terms of skin care, essential oils are invaluable. The properties in the oils used in the Your Essentials products assist in rapid skin cell renewal. Faster production of new skin cells means that older cells shed at a faster rate.  The aging process is therefore stalled/reversed because there is less time in which old cells rest on the face as new cells are generated.  This is especially valuable for older women whose skin cells turn over more slowly allowing the progression of the aging process.

Further, essential oils aid in the draining of the lymphatic system and improving circulation. They can act as antiseptics, eradicating unwanted and polluting bacteria. They can act as calming agents for sensitive skin.  These therapeutic actions do not seem related to skin care, however, your skin is a reflection of everything the skin is exposed to - whether inside or out.  Thus, after consistent use of Your Essentials products, the skin's texture and balance will improve.  Further, essential oils do not leave harmful residues in the system. They get in, work their magic, and leave without a toxic trail unlike products containing chemicals, parabens, or other such artificial ingredients that do not work with the body, but ultimately against the body.  

Although some commercial products, especially high end products, use essential oils in their products, their effects are diluted due to chemical preservatives, chemical preparations which include steroids, and even animal products. 
Your Essentials products deliver the power of the essential oils via natural oils derived from different parts of plants. Thus, there are no diluting factors standing between the benefits of the essentials and the skin. These natural oils not only act as excellent "carriers" but they also provide their own benefits in the form of vitamins and anti-oxidants. 

Give yourself the chance to have the best possible looking skin while feeling good about what you are using. You will feel as though you are giving yourself a treatment normally delivered in a high end luxury spa. But as your friends are asking what luxury spa or dermatologist you have been visiting, you can tell them that there has been no spa or dermatologist, but that it is Luxury - Nature's Way.