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Clarifying Clean - Fresh, Purifying Cleanser for Oily/Acneic Skin 2 oz
Clarifying Clean - Fresh, Purifying Cleanser for Oily/Acneic Skin 2 oz

Clarifying Clean - Fresh, Purifying Cleanser for Oily/Acneic Skin 2 oz

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Use OIL to clean oily skin?  Yes!  Large cosmetic companies may use petroleum based oils in their products (parabens) which can stay on the surface of the skin and settle into the pores. The pores become filled with oil, bacteria, and other environmental contaminants with no way to purge. As a result, the term "oil" has been given a bad name which has lead many commercial brands to develop "oil free"  products. Instead of these products creating a solution to the problem, the introduction of harsh, cheap chemicals act to strip the skin without providing proper moisture and balance. While, these products may feel good temporarily to oily skin, the glands in the skin begin to work overtime to produce even more oil to compensate for the stripping. Consequently, the skin ends up feeling even oilier,  and women feel powerless to do anything about it.  

Clarifying Clean for Oily/Acneic Skin was formulated using natural base oils that penetrate (not sit on) the skin to deliver the benefits of the essential oils. These luxurious essential oils have both cleansing and antiseptic properties that leave the skin supple, not oily, while doing battle against dried oil and contaminants within the pores. Breakouts and shine become less frequent. Your Essentials for exquisite skin!

 Ingredients: Vitis vinifera (Grapeseed Oil), Hexane Free Ricinus communis (Castor Oil), Thymus vulgaris (Thyme) essential oil, Melaleuca (Tea Tree oil), Rosmarinus officinalis (Rosemary) essential oil.

Directions: Shake bottle well. Warm one dropper of oil between your palms. Apply to dry face & massage over skin for 20-30 seconds. Wet a cloth in very warm water. Wring cloth and hold on face until cools. Gently rub cloth over face. Rinse cloth with very warm water and repeat one to two times more.


ADVISORY: Keep out of the reach of children and pets. Do not use on babies, children or pets.   Always conduct a patch test on the inner arm before using; do not use if redness or irritation occurs. Do not ingest oils. If you are pregnant or nursing, contact us and we can attempt to tailor your formula using oils that are deemed safe for pregnancy/nursing in addition to your consulting with your physician. Consult your physician before using these products if you have any serious health concerns. The recommendations and products offered are not an attempt to diagnose or cure any serious health conditions that may be related to a skin condition. Store in a cool, dark place.